Arcturion Ltd

Arcturion Ltd. is an English multinational corporation headquartered in Swindon, England. It is best known to the public for its popular range of low cost smart phones but still makes most of its profit from its security business.

Arcturion was originally a family locksmithing business started in the mid-eighteenth century in Buckinghamshire that traded under the name Dashingdale & Sons. In 1861 Robert Dashingdale produced a pin tumbler lock utilising a flat key. This lock design gained rapid popularity and the business changed focus from the repair of locks and production of replacement keys to the manufacture and installation of new locks. The business expanded rapidly and moved to new, larger premises in Swindon where the railway made transport of materials and finished product easy.

In 1965 Dashingdale & Sons came to the attention of the Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. who accused them of stealing their lock design and a bitter patent battle ensued. Ultimately, with international legal differences complicating the matter, there was no clear winner.

In the 1980s, Dashingdale & Sons incorporated as Arcturion Ltd. and won the contract to provide locks for several new English prisons. At the same time, they bought several electronics companies and expanded their business into electronic locks, security alarms and CCTV systems. By the end of the decade they were selling personal video cameras and making inroads into the consumer market.

In the early 21st Century, Arcturion Ltd released its most recent innovation, the Jarltech mobile phone. Its low cost combined with a high quality camera made it a popular range of devices. By 2013, boosted by the Instragram-led craze for “selfies”, it had taken 52% of the European and 30% of the American smart phone markets.

In January 2014, their share price plummeted when The Daily Mail released news that Jacob Dashingdale, the CEO, was ill and the family and company refused to release details. Some recovery has been seen since Michael Dashingdale, his son, took over in March 2014.

Arcturion Ltd

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